Posts made in August 2020

Opt into allowing Department to process online membership

September 1, 2020 Connecticut American Legion Posts will be able to Opt-In to allow Department Headquarters to process online requests to join the American Legion.

The process for accepting them is listed below.
1.Department Headquarters will Review submitted applications for accuracy and reviewsubmitted documents to ensure prospective new members are in fact eligible.
2.Once membership application and documents have been validated the new memberwill be put into your individual Post.
3.The post will receive an email from Department Headquarters letting them know that anew member has been placed into their Post. The email will also have the originalapplication submitted minus the proof of eligibility, once eligibility has been confirmedthose documents will be shredded. The email from Department Headquartersconfirming eligibility along with the application will serve as your proof of eligibility forPost records.
4.Department will send the new member a welcome package which will include Postcontact information, meeting information and general Legion brochures.
5.Posts which dues are more than the $29.50 minimum will receive a Post credit for thedifference that can be used for membership renewals or receive a check at the end ofthe membership year.

Opt-In Form